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Make your online showcase engaging and unique for your customers.
Build a product experience that matters.
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Why Keletes

If you are looking to make your product shine, you strive to give your customers all the possible information and show it in the most appealing way.

Keletes integrates with your existing online showcase, making it even more interactive and interesting.


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The Contents

When product data are entered into Keletes’ system, we make sure that the following are included:

  • Commercial code logic of the product;
  • Bill of Materials (BOM) depending on product code;
  • Price list;
  • 3D parametric technical designs;
  • Physical usage values;
  • Material properties.
But how can such data be used to improve your interactions with your end customers?

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The Product Configurator

Keletes’ main strength is the product configurator. After choosing the right kind of product, customers want to be able to customize every single feature of it, in order to receive the product meeting their every need.

Keletes offers the most intuitive interface that can be found today on the market. Following logic rules that you yourself are able to preset, our configurator will guide its users through the composition of commercial codes, making it your interactive catalogue, including data tables, filters, technical drawings and even 3D CAD files.

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The Price List

Thanks to information collected through code selection, Keletes’ system already has all the available details needed to establish the correct price for each component (or combination of components) of your product. It also allows you to share this information within your price list, thus informing your customers about the price in real time, even accounting for variables such as the quantity of pieces ordered or the geographic area of sale.

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The Bill of Materials

The interactions between you and your customer are unlikely limited to the first purchase; therefore, service and support are vital parts of your business as much as sale itself.

Keletes gives your customers the possibility to use the product code to view a list of specific components for their previous selections — such as, for example, spare parts — so that they will be able to know right away which parts to order when needed.

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