Case Studies

Vega Cylinders

Vega S.r.l. ( is an Italian company focused on developing and producing compact hydrodynamic cylinders for plastic and die-casting molds.

Vega has always been driven by innovation — it was among the first companies in the world to offer an interactive product- presentation system on their website. Over the years, they acknowledged the need to renew this system, and the choice fell on Keletes’ product platform.

According to their needs, we designed a completely customized interface especially for them. Our graphic engine was loaded onto their website for the Configure option of each product, allowing its customers to compose the product code in real time, and then to check it and view the 3D results. Market response has been extremely positive from the beginning — Keletes is now generating for Vega an average of 970 different technical designs each month, having no problems on meeting their speed and accuracy requirements.

To access the configurator we implemented for Vega Cylinders, register on their website, select any product and choose “Configure”.